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Christian Lowell Schiedler Born: 10 July 2008 2:37Am 7 Lbs 1 Oz 19.5 Inches

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May 19, 2008

So I finally have a few minutes to work on the website. I'm posting Greysons 2 year pictures here. These were taken last October. Only took 3 sessions to get a few good ones. I guess Greyson isn't interested in being a model.

He is growing soooo fast! Our little boy talks in full sentences and is into as much trouble as he can find. And he never stops moving. Greyson has been diagnosed with ADHD which isn't a total surprise given his daddy has it too. Mommy is just on the hyper side. We will be looking into meds to help him take the edge off. We've been going to a behavior psychologist who is helping Greg and I with parenting techniques to help Greyson. It is much different dealing with him then other 2 year olds. You have to be overly positive when he does things right so he doesn't just here that he is doing something wrong.

Greyson is exteremly smart and out-going. He loves riding his battery powered yellow H3 and his battery powered Harley motorcycle. Greg gets his exercise walking briskly behind the vehicles. Greyson loves that daddy chases him. He now wants to drive Mommys H2.

May 27, 2008

Photo Gallery

The big news is that we are expecting another little boy on August 8, 2008. Greyson talks to "Baby Brother" in my tummy. He has gotten to feel the baby move and seems to think that is pretty cool. I'm on blood pressure meds this time around, but if I get stressed it still creeps up on my. I'm trying to not let that happen. My wieght gain is about 3 pounds behind where I was with Greyson. But I feel freaking huge! This little boy has made his home way out front so my belly looks like a beach ball. I passed the glucose test. The biggest issue is the pelvic pain I have. I was diagnosed with Sacroillidis (sp) last summer. Basically it means that the hip/pelvic joint rubs bone on bone. It feels like a toothache in your pelvis. Hurts like crazy! When I'm not pregnant I can take pain meds and mega doses of anti-inflamitory meds. Right now all I get is Tylenol and a chiropractor. I work like I'm about 80 years old and hurt all the time. It wakes me up every couple of hours so sleeping is difficult. I went out on medical leave as of May 19 and will probably be out until Baby makes his appearence. Kind of a bummer as its rather boring. But since I can't sit at my desk for more then about 15 - 30 minutes without being in horrible pain there isn't much I can do about it. At home at least I can change my position and put my feet up.

May 29, 2008 We started Greyson on his ADHD meds today. Little pills I have to cut in half. Only ruined a couple so far. His pupils get really big. I'm told that will go away as his system gets used to the meds. It seemed to help. He actually sat and watched his Elmo dvd while I took a shower and got dressed. He has never sat to watch anything for more then 30 seconds. We stopped by my office where he promptly took Lauries keys and sat trying to open all of her desk drawers. So I don't think the meds are hurting his cognative function. He had a huge melt down about 45 minutes before the next dose was do. We were warned that might happen. Right now we are trying to figure out how much he needs and how long it will last. Its going to be trial and error for a little while until we figure it out. The 2nd dose did better when it wore off. He didn't have as drastic a reaction when it was gone. I'm hoping this will make life easier for all of us. I hope he will get the ability to focus so we can work on potty training and other cognative things. He is such a sweet little guy and so smart. I just want him to be able to function.
May 31, 2008 The new drugs were horrible! They made him angry and moody. We stopped them after 2 days. Looks like we will be trying something new. I felt sooo bad for my little boy. What a pain in the butt.
June 2, 2008

The doctor called me on her vacation to talk about Greysons meds. We changed them to a blood pressure type. She said wwe did the right thing in stopping the meds and that he may just be to young for that type. So we'll see how these do. Its going to be trial and error since there are very few cases of kids this young going through this.

I had my 30 week checkup today. I'm 7 pounds lighter and 3 cm bigger then I was with Greyson at this point. I'm measuring big so I get an ultra sound on the 19th. My BP is a little high and I have a little swelling, but not as bad as it was the last time. And the pelvic pain is worse, but at least we are healthy.

June 8, 2008 The new meds are helping. The first few days Greyson was really tired, but his body has adjusted. In fact I think we will have to up the dose some. We see the pediatrician on Wed so she'll let me know. He is more mellow, but not out of it. It seems to help him concentrate. Greyson actually wits down and plays with his toys for awhile now. I've never seen him sit for 10 minutes playing with anything. Its nice. We're having bedtime issues but I don't know if it has anything to do with the meds. At least hes back to his happy self.

June 12, 2008

Photo Gallery

Ok so the meds didn't work. :-( Went to the doctor yesterday and decided to stop the BP meds bcause Greyson was having emotional meltdowns. Had 2 at the doctors office so the Pediatrician and Psychologist got to see them. Now we are stopping all meds to see if he goes back to normal or if there is something else going on. Time will tell.

Today is Gregs 45th birthday. Happy Birthday my Sweet Husband! There are some cute pics from Red Robin for Greg's birthday. They sang and made him a hat. Greyson was all about the hat and balloons. I'd like to have gotten a bite of the sundae!

Here I am at 31 weeks prego. I'm huge! This little boy is going to be big. And I think a soccer player. He kicks all the time.

June 19, 2008

Had my 32 week check up today. Baby is measuring 2 1/2 weeks ahead and Dr Dalisky is predicting a 9 pound baby. Yikes am I excited! We got a pic of his face. Baby is holding his foot up by his face. Much more flexbible then we are. We saw his heart beating, his spine & bladder. My BP was normal.....totally shocked me. I only gained one pound. Yay! I'm 9 pounds lighter then this time with Greyson even though I think I look bigger. We are still holding to the 8/8/08 due date. Any bets on when he'll make his appearence?!

32 Week Ultrasound

July 9, 2008 After taking a shower I was bending down to get something under the sink when I felt a pop and then a gush of water. Greg was getting ready to leave for a limo run so I went and told him he wasn't going anywhere as I had just peed myself or my water had broken. I called Dr Renard since Dr Dalisky was on vacation. She told me I could hang out at home for awhile since I wasn't feeling any contractions. Normally I'm organized to the point of driving Greg crazy, but I didn't have a bag packed, we hadn't decided on a name and it was 9:15pm and Greyson was asleep. So I quickly got a bag together. Greg called Al to take his airport run. I called Becky to have her take Greyson and come to the hospital with us. And so it began......
July 10, 2008

We were checked into Silverton Hospital by midnight. I was having contractions 2 1/2 minutes apart and was dialated to a tight 3cm. I started to actually feel some of the contractions at this point, but it wasn't to bad. They confirmed my water had broken and we would be having our son.

This labor hurt more then the first one. I was shaking and really concentrating on my breathing to get through the contractions. I'd have 2 back to back then get about 30-60 seconds to rest. At 2am the nurse asked if I'd like to labor in the jacuzzi tub. I didn't get to do that with Greyson because of my high blood preasure and thought it sounded good so to the tub we went at about 2:10am. I'm still at a tight 3cm at this point. Poor Greg was getting dirty looks from the nurses because he had been surfing on his computer while I was laboring, but there wasn't anything he could do for me so I was ok with it. Once I got in the tub Becky told him to come hold my hand. I heard the nurse tell Becky she was going to the restroom but would be right back. About that time I had the urge to push....which I told (yelled) to Greg. With the first push the head crowned. Gregs yelling at Becky to get the nurse because the baby was crowning. The next push Greg said he could see the baby's ears so he was yelling the baby is coming. Beckys yelling to the nurses to get in there because the baby is coming. One more push and out came baby splash into the tub just as the 5 or 6 nurses came running into the bathroom. They scoped him up and put him on my chest. Greg got to call the time of birth on his watch since he was the only one there to see it. So at 2:37am Christian Lowell Schiedler arrived.

It took us a couple hours to decide on the name Christian. I had picked the middle name before we knew we were having a boy. I've always liked my Grandpa Ikes middle name and wanted to use that so that is where the Lowell came from. We had debated on several first names. Christian is my Uncle Marks middle name and I liked the way it sounded with Lowell. My kind husband decided it was ok with him so that is the name he got. I found out the next day that Christian was my Grandpa Ikes best friend in the Navy and he had died testing an airplane. He was a test pilot in the Navy and Grandpa was a pilot too. So it turns out there was more significance to the name then I knew. Most of you don't know that my beloved Grandpa Ike was diagnosed with terminal cancer 2 weeks before Christian was born. In fact we were scheduled to fly to CA today to see him, but luckily Grandpa had talked me out of it before Christian showed up. So it means that much more to me to be able to name my son after these family members.

Christian was 4 weeks and 1 day early. His lungs weren't developed completely so he was sent to Emanuel Childrens Hospital in Portland at about 10:30am. Only Greg and I could go 2 for 2 in having our kids go to the NICU. They put Christian on CPAF...its a continued preasure to his lungs to keep them inflated so that he can learn to breathe easier. He was given antibiotics in case I had Group Strep B since I hadn't been tested yet. He weighed in at 7lb 1oz and was 19.5 in long. Imagine if I'd gone to term!

July 19, 2008

Photo Gallery

I'm skipping ahead to the day before Christian goes home. He was only on the CPAF for a couple days. They have been monitoring his weight gain and temp. He's had to learn to coordinate eating and breathing. He's done really well and rather quickly. So tomorrow we get to take our little Swimmer Boy home! We've been staying at the Ronald McDonald House near the hospital. The people here are wonderful and I highly encourage you to donate to this worthy cause. They charge $20 a day for a nice room. You do your laundry and clean before you leave. This is a volunteer house. It has been a godsend to be able to stay here and not have to run back and forth.

Christian weighed in at 6lb 12 oz today. He seems so tiny to me. I think Greyson was around 9lb when he came home and was also a month old. This is a little different. Poor Greyson has had a rough time with all the going back and forth and staying at Beckys. He been very stressed. I can't wait to get home with all my boys. Tomorrow will be a great day!

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