Christian's Birth

100_3494.jpg (109kb) Greyson in Mommy's bed (103kb) Christian wearing his CPAF (120kb) Looks like a little old man or santa (122kb) Greysons not to sure about all the wires and machines on Baby Brother (125kb)
Getting a sun tan (130kb) 100_3501.jpg (89kb) Taking a break from all the stuff on his head and face (97kb) Poor baby has very sensative skin and blonde hair (84kb) Feels better without the stuff on my face mom (82kb)
Daddy and Christian (88kb) 100_3507.jpg (73kb) My Boys (89kb) Daddy Greg, Greyson and Christian (104kb) Greyson gets to hold Baby Brother Christian for the first time (83kb)
100_3512.jpg (112kb) Lots of stuff but not as much as Greyson had (98kb) 100_3518.jpg (116kb) Suntanning to get rid of the jaundice (65kb) 100_3521.jpg (98kb)
100_3522.jpg (100kb) Mommy and her baby boys (147kb) I'm very lucky (114kb) Grandma Bette and Greyson (168kb) Grandma Bette and Christian (131kb)
100_3529.jpg (102kb) Grandma Bette, Greyson and Christian (104kb) 100_3531.jpg (105kb) My shower cake (111kb) 100_3533.jpg (113kb)
Food! Need I say more? (130kb) At the shower witting with Becky and loving the costo cake (107kb)