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October 3, 2005 36 Weeks & 6 DaysBP was up a little again, but no weight gain. So tomorrow is the big day....I was scheduled to be induced at 6am. Greg is less then impressed with the early hour not that I'm all that excited to be put into pain so early in the day. We are both a bundle of nerves but excited to finally be able to meet our son. He will share my brother David's birthday. Say a prayer that everything goes well and all are healthy.
October 4, 2005
Photo Gallery

Baby will be here!!!!! {Maybe....}
4:00Am Jen's Alarm
4:15Am Greg's Alarm(Backup)
5:04Am Phone call from Silverton Hospital. (No room at the Inn call us at 10:00Am to see if we have a bed available)
5:31Am Starbucks Greg's White Chocolate Mocha
and Jen's Vanilla Bean Frappuccino® Blended Crème & Chocolate Old Fashioned donut.
Like we could go back to bed NOT!
12:00pm arrive @ Silverton Hospital
The room is ready @ 2:00Pm Induction begins!
Greyson Robert Schiedler Born: October 4th, 2005 @ 7:46Pm 7lbs 10&1/4 oz 20" long

October 4, 2005
Photo Gallery

About 9:00Pm it is discovered the Greyson has a condition that is called Bladder Exstrophy.(Click here for details).

Greyson will have to be transported via the Panda Transport Team of OHSU/Doernbecher NICC.

11:30Pm Greyson gets his first Chauffeured car ride in the Panda Transport Team Ambulance (Greyson'sGrandma Bette would like the fact that Greyson had a Panda Bear go with him for his first ride) The Bear is visiable in the picture below. You can see the White Head and Black Ears wearing a red shirt. Just below the Right corner of the White Box on top held by the Red strap.).
He was to have his first ride home via one of Oregon Rental Services's limousines. AKA one of dad's limo's.


October 5, 2005
Photo Gallery

12:45 Am We are informed that Greyson has arrived @ Doernbecher Childrens Hospital an to expect a call in about an hour after arrival with the first Children's Hospital's On-Call Pediatrician.

2:35 Am phone call from the Pediatric Urologist with the initial confirmation of Greyson's defect. He pelvis is twisted, and they are going to do a lateral incision and put the bladder back where it needs to be. And to do some reconstructive surgery on the head of his penis. And we were told that it would be a long surgery. And we should expect a 2nd call at 7:30ish this morning.

7:56 Am web-site update.Doernbecher Neonatal Care Center DNCC

9:30 Am Dr Hudson called with the initial evaluation. Surgery is scheduled for today at 1:00 PM and depending on if they can do re-construction of the Penis, surgery could take up to 10 Hours. From what I'm told they will make a lateral incision and adjust/close the pelvis, and then place the bladder in the pelvis. It is unknown as of this moment if any re-construction can be done with this surgery.
Post surgery we are looking at 5-6 weeks in the OHSU/Doernbecher NICU. I guess the next 5-6 days Greyson will be heavily sedated and that they will shunt each Kidney and place a cathader in the bladder.
12:00 & 12:19Pm the Anethistist called. She is from Germany and could pronounce my last name correctly. She has a noticable German accent and sounds like she has Greyson's best interest(s) in mind.

3:35 Pm Greyson's surgery starts

6:00 Pm Jen is discharged from Silverton Hospital.
6:30 Pm In the process of unpacking the Envoy. I about lost it having to place items in the nursery knowing that Jen has delivered and we are both back home witout our son. It is a terrible feeling to know that at this moment there is nothing that I can do but wait for news about the surgery in progress.

7:00 Pm Greyson is still in surgery and the orthapedic surgeon has started his phase of the surgery. Greyson so far is doing well.

9:00 Pm Dr. Tucker the Orthapedic Surgeon called with an update. Dr Tucker has finished what they are calling closue of the pelvis. The Pelvis forms a ring of bone that the hips attach to. In Greyson's case the front of the pelvis was not closed. Ie. it looked more like a C and needed to become an O. So I'm told that the hips are not in a perfect alignment per normal being a bit forward and Greyson's are going to be more centered. Currently there are Two Pediatric Urologis working on their portion of the surgery. After this phase is complete Dr Tucker will have to cast Greyson's feet to imobolize him to allow him to heal. This is hard to absorbe being a new father and hearing about what my newborn son of just slightly over 25 hours into his life is having to endure. Jen and I will be traveling to Portland tomorrow to visit Greyson in the hospital and take up Jen's Breast Milk for him.

11:00 Pm Greyson is out of surgery! And at this point is doing fantastic. Everything about Greyson is perect minus his defect. He will remain sedated & inibated(breathing tube) for the immediate future. This is to insure that he remains perfectly still and give his pelvis a chance to heal/fuse to protect all the work that has been done so far. I guess that he has a blue cast with a bar between the knees. Jen and I will be meeting with Dr. Hudson later tomorrow and go over the before and after pictures.


October 6, 2005
Photo Gallery
2:30Pm this is how Greyson looked when we arrived at OHSU for our first of what will be many visits to see our son. Dr. Tucker asked us if Blue would be OK when he casted Greyson when he called about 9:00Pm yesterday. We got to meet four of the five doctors that assisted with Greyson's surgery.

His is very puffy today due to the fluids he gained during surgery. The swelling/puffiness will dissipate over the coming days. In the picutre below {scar looks like it extends directly from Greyson's middle finger} you can see one of the two incisions that Greyson has on each side of his pelvis. In a nut shell his pelvis was relaxed {ie. broken} on each side so the the C shaped pelvis could be closed back into the O shape is should of been. This allowed his bladder to be placed behind the pubic bone and the lower abdomen to be closed. His belly button which was abnormally low was also moved into a normal position.

Greyson has an IV drip of some drug that will help him not remember any of this portion of his hospital stay, one for antibotics and one for pain. The day nurse said that he did open his eyes today when she lifted him the 15% to prevent bed sores from developing. In the picture above the tube that is inserted thru the belly button is plumbed into Greyson's bladder to remove any urine that makes it by the two kidney shunts. The urine from each kidney is collected via the two striped tubes that seem to cross near the belly button area. One is white and one green and they are extremely small tubes. We were told that these would be removed by the time Greyson goes home. The bladder tube may or may not be removed by that time. His is currently on a ventalator also until Monday when the sedation will be reduced. I was told when he has a bowel movement it is a team effor to pick him straight up and then change the pad below him.

His cast was split on each side horozontially in this picture and expanded to make sure that he had adequate room with all the swelling etc. etc.
October 7, 2005

Well this isn't quite how I thought being a new mom was going to be. But since I believe God only gives you what you can handle I know we will get through this. I have a beautiful son and am so thankful to have him in my life. My husband is my strength. He was so loving and strong during the labor and delivery and has been even more so since we found out Greyson had this problem. Greg is such a wonderful and loving man and I am truly blessed to have him in my life.

The birth experience is something that I have trouble putting into words. It hurt and was scary but once I could push and knew that my son would enter the world soon things calmed for me. Sharing the experience with my husband and mom seemed so right. And I'm glad Christopher was there recording the moment for us. Given the outcome of Greysons condition and the fact that he was transferred to Portland I'm so glad Christopher took the pics and the video so that I have something to look at while I'm waiting to bring Greyson home.

We will be going to visit our handsome son later today. My milk is starting to come in and we have almost 8 oz to take to him. We will post more later on the visit.

I want to thank all of our friends and family for the thougthful, loving notes and calls they have given us. It helps to know that we have people who care so much about us and our son. This is a tough time, but we are survivors and will get through this. I'm trying to respond to all the calls and emails but it is taking me some time. Please bare with me and know that I will respond as soon as I'm able. Please feel free to call us or email us. Don't worry about saying the wrong thing or that you are bothering us.

A special thank you to my Mom, Lana, her husband John, my sister Mindy and nephew Bryce and Christopher. Your being there for the birth of our son and sharing all that has gone on means more then we can say. You are special to us.

Jen & I went to visit Greyson late on the 7th. Greyson has 7 pumps into various IV's. We got to see the night nurse get ready to re-fill(aka replace) two of the pumps. Jen and I also got to give Greyson a back rub as he was turned the 15% to prevent bed sores. We also learned that he may get his ventalator removed on Saturday and that he was not receiving any added oxygen via the ventalotor. We met the ventalation tech and also saw the nurse suction some crud from his throat/lungs. He may also start receiving some of Jen's Colostrum.

October 8th, 2005
Photo Gallery
Sign Greyson's Guestbook. View Greyson's Guestbook
October 9, 2005 Grandma Bette and and neighbor Debi McNulty went with Greg and I to visit Greyson today. He looked a little less puffy and is healing. The nurse says he is doing just fine, but she doesn't think he will be extabated (breathing tube removed) tomorrow. I'm going to check in with Greyson's doctors tomorrow after rounds to see what they have decided to do.
October 10, 2005

We talked to Dorene one of Greyson's day nurses this morning. The doctors are going to gradually reduce the sedation medication so that the breathing tube will be able to come out in the next couple of days. She told us that Greyson is already less sedated then he was when she saw him last Friday. There is a tight balance between keeping him resting enough to not move, reduce the meds enough to be able to remove the tube. Greyson is going to get his first breast milk today. I'm excited about that since I'm pumping every 2 hours during the day and every 4 at night. I'm the newest Dairy Queen in Salem! We will be visiting our handsome, sweet son later tonight.

Greyson is getting 5 cc's of milk every 3 hours. His swelling has gone way down so much so that his feet look like they are shrinking into his casts. He flinched a couple of times and tried to open his eyes a little when Greg was talking to him. He briefly held my finger. He is looking more like a baby then he was. Our son is sooooo cute!

October 12, 2005
Photo Gallery

Greyson was more awake tonight. He tried to open is eyes when his Daddy was talking to him. He held my pinky and moved his arms a couple of times. They have been cutting his sedation meds in half each day so he will come awake slowly. His color is great and his incisions on his hips are healing well. He wiggles his toes on his own now not just when Greg tickles them. He is off the lippids (fat) so that is one less pump on the IV. Yay!

October 13, 2005 Nurse Valerie says Greyson is getting 45 cc's (about an ounce and a half) of milk through a pump. He ventilator is turned down to 20 but his respiration is 35-40 so he is doing more breathing on his own. He gets a little lazy in his breathing still but should be off the vent tomorrow unless he gets pushy and tries to pull it out himself. If that happens it will come out today. He is of the Fentynal (sp) and Max-something which were the sedation meds. He is pooping well. I'm sure he will be thrilled to see that I wrote then when he is able to read. :-) I'm told that once he is off the ventilator I will be able to breast feed him. I'm nervous about that since he is still in the cast and I don't want to hurt him.
October 14, 2005
Photo Gallery
Greyson is off the ventilator! Yeah! He is breathing on his own with a little oxygen in his nose. He is down to 4 pumps on his IV from the 7 of last week. They took him off the breast milk fo a little while as he was barfing (technical term from his nurse Dorene), but they aren't sure if its from being in pain or coming of the heavy sedation meds. We were told tonight that the doctor is going to put him back on the brast milk and see how he does. He is on Methadone to help him deal handle the withdrawl of the meds. It is so nice to be able to see his entire face again! Every new nurse he gets tells us how good and how adorable he is. Of course we agree. We took a wash cloth with us to put with Greyson to pick up his sent so that our dogs could smell him. It will be fun to see how the spoiled puppies react when Greyson comes home.
October 15, 2005
Photo Gallery
I spent 2 hours with Greyson and his nurses today. He is doing great. They put him back on 5 cc's of breast milk through the gavage tube every 3 hours with the fluids he was already getting. No fever today. They removed the arterial line which left a nice bruise on his left hand. Porr little guy! He is passing urine through his bladder tube more now and less through the kidney tubes. This is wonderful since that is where it should be going. Doreen is going to try giving Greyson a nipple to practice sucking on next week. Hopefully we will be able to give him a bottle soon. Until he can be moved breastfeeding isn't going to work. Nurse Carrie and I are trying to find something to sign Greyson's cast with that will show up on the blue cast. We think it would be fun for him to keep his cast if we can manage that.
October 16, 2005
Photo Gallery

My little man is off all his IV meds! All he is getting through the IV is fluids and once he is up to full breastmilk feedings that IV will go away too. Dorene was trying to get him to use a bottle when I got there today. He sucked a little then decided that it was less work to take the feeding trough the tube. I was able to try feeding him a bottle again before I left but he was to sleepy. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Greyson got his first bath today. Doreen and another nurse gave him a spundge bath. Turns out his hair isn't as dark as we thought now that it is clean! The bath helped get some of the scaley skin off too. He is only getting Tylenol for pain and his daily antibiotic and a little Mehtedone now. He tried to open his eyes but just didn't quite do it while I was there. Greyson did respond to my voice and my touch today. He moved his head toward me and hung on to my finger.

Dr. Hudson called today to give us an update. He is thrilled with Greyson's progress. Most of his urine is going through the bladder tube now so his kidney tubes should come out this week. The doctors will be discussing a goal date for Greyson to go home tomorrow or Tuesday. I'm thinking it will be in 2-3 weeks. He may come home with his cast on but we aren't sure yet. Things are moving right along and life is good!


October 17, 2005 Greyson was having trouble breathing so they up his oxygen. Freaked me out to see him breathing so hard. I almost lost it at the hospital for the first time. It is such a lousy feeling to be powerless to help you baby. He did open his eyes a little while we were there. It is a struggle for him to be that awake yet but he is getting there. After we left his nurse looked up his nose with a flashlight to find it was crusty and plugged. She spent 30 minutes suctioning it out and then he could breathe better. I guess the nasal O2 can dry out the nose even with the humidified air. She was able to drop him to 30% O2 from the 60% he was at with the plugged up nose. I felt like a schmuck for not thinking of asking if his nose was plugged. My sweet hubby reminded me that we are novices at this and the nurses are the experts. I'm just glad he is breathing better!
October 18, 2005
Photo Gallery

Greyson opened his eyes for us tonight. They are such a pretty shade of blue! He looked much more comnfortable tonight. The last IV is out and his right kidney line is out. Nurse Daniella was going to give him a bath and put him in a t-shirt. He still has the O2 in his nose but the amount has gone down. He is on full breastmilk of 2 oz. They tried the bottle but he was still to tired to suck on it much so the milk is going through the tube into his tummy. He pooped while we were there so we got to learn how to change his diaper under the cast

The best news is that Greyson may get to come home the week of Oct. 31st! So keep your fingers crossed. We will learn more over the next week

October 19, 2005
Photo Gallery
Dr. Turker (orhtopedic doc) is on vacation until 10/25 so Dr. Hudson will talk to him about us holding Greyson and having x-rays taken then. It still sounds like Greyson will come home with his cast and the bladder draining tube. Part of me is excited beyon words at the thought of having him home with us and part of me is absolutely scared to death. What do we know about babies let alone our little guy with his owies? The doctors and nurses assure us that everything will be fine and that they will teach us what we need to know. Greyson took 2 of his feeds from the bottle and is learning the art of breathing, sucking and swallowing. Took a little trial and effort but he figured it out. When he is to tired to nurse he gets his feeds through the gavage tube. He got another bath and even was able to put a shirt on. He's off the O2 so the only tape on his face now is for the feeding tube. He looks like a little boy now. I think he is going to have my butt chin afterall. They are weaning him off the Methadone and he still gets Tylenol for pain. Our little miracle is going great!
October 20, 2005
Photo Gallery

Greyson actually opened his eyes when I had the camera with me today. They cut his Methadone from 3x a day to 2x a day so he is awake much more. He cooed and smiled at me. I got to attempt to feed him his bottle today but I didn't do it as well as the nurses and he cried and drooled on his chin. He doesn't make much noise when he cries because his throat is probably still sore from the breathing tube. He is eating 70 cc's of milk which is a little over 2 oz. I was able to help change his diaper and wipe up spit up today. He follows my voice and movements with his eyes. Greyson is handsome and just too cute for words.....but I guess I'm prejudice.

October 21, 2005 Greyson is getting a calorie additive to his breastmilk to help him gain weight. They didn't want to up his fedding amount as he spits up if he gets too much. He's still learning to eat. He took a a couple of his feedings entirely through the bottle which is progress. They added intermitant suction to his bladder tube to help it drain better. So he is just hanging out and healing up. We got the first notice from the insurance company.....$58,905.64 for the first 5 days at the hospital. We son....the 6 figure baby!
October 22, 2005
Photo Gallery
Greg got to feed Greyson for the first time. He managed to get him to eat 35 cc's out of the bottle and the rest was put in his feeding tube. They were waxing the floors in the NICU so they moved Greyson and his roommates to Pod 4. Greyson was not happy about the move and was cranky when we got there. He was hungry and had stuff in his nose. I had the nurse suction out his nose which ticked him off more. Poor little guy was balling his head off....as much as he can with his little bitty voice. After his feeding he promptly went to sleep. They also took his kidney stint out today so he is down to the bladder tube, ekg, feeding tube and pos ox.
October 23, 3005 Greyson was sleeping when we went to visit. It was a quiet day in Pod 4. We both tried to talk Greyson into waking up and opening his eyes but he wouldn't go for it. The nurses said he was doing fine and taking some of his feeds from the bottle.
October 24, 2005 They cut his Methodone down to once a day so he should be more awake now. Dorene is still saying we need to learn to put in the feeding tube. I told her to tell my son to eat out of the dang bottle. We shall see how that works when we go up later.

October 25, 2005
Photo Gallery

Greyson's original due date. Greyson had an x-ray of his hips today and we are waiting for the doctors to read them. Dorene showed us how to put the feeding (gavage) tube down his nose. I cried and Greg didn't say a word. I don't think Daddy wants to have to do that anymore then Mommy does. Greyson throw a fit for Dorene so at least we know what to expect.
October 26, 2005

I got to hold my son for the first time since the day he was born!!!!! He x-rays look great as the bones are fusing back together. We can now hold Greyson and put him in a carseat to practice sitting. They can also lay him on his side. The ocupational therapist visted with Greyson and I to see how he was eating. She showed me some techniques to use to encourage him to suck more. She also gave us some exercises to do with a promise of more for use at home. We need to build Greyson's muscle tone in his shoulders, chest and back. We tried to breastfeed for the first time. Greyson throw the same fit he does when he gets his bottle, but did latch on. He managed a few good sucks before he went to sleep. It was a long 40 minutes for us but he has the instincts to do what he is supposed to do. It was a long tiring but rewarding day for Mom and Son!

The best news is that Greyson will come home the beginning of next week minus the cast! Dr. Hudson will also cap his bladder cathater so Greyson will be peeing in his diaper just like all little boys. We will go back to vist the doctors a week or two after that for ultra sound on his kidneys and bladder and if all is well the cathater will come out. Then we play the waiting game for the next surgery in 6-9 months.

October 27, 2005

Gresyon and I worked with the occupational therapist Michelle today. We tried sitting up for the first time. We sat Greyson up a little more every few minutes so he could get used to it and not get dizzy. He tolerated it just fine and sat with me for 45 minutes. The picture was taken just after he barfed all over me for the first time. I have been puke labeled by my son! We tried breastfeeding again and he latched on in between throwing a fit. He throws the same fit at the bottle so I don't take it to personal. He hasn't figured out the corelation of the sucking equeals food and a full tummy. He'll figure it out eventually. Grandma Bette and Daddy came to visit while I was there. Greyson was actually awake for Grandma this time. The nurses keep telling us what a sweetheart he is and how mellow. I think he is just about the best thing there is!

October 28, 2005
Photo Gallery
We worked on breastfeeding again. Greyson is getting better but still isn't sure what eating is all about. He seems to think my breast is a good substitue for a binky but isn't quite sure what the milk is for. I put the feeding tube down his nose for the first time today. Greyson wasn't to excited about it but he gets mad at whoever does this deed. It was easier then I thought it would be but still isn't in my top 10 of things I want to do to my son. We did a little practice at sitting upright again today. Greyson was tired so we didn't work to hard today. Come to think of it Mom was tired too. Will we ever have a full nights sleep again??
October 29.2005
Photo Gallery
I spent a few hours with Greyson again today. He took 35 cc's of milk out of the bottle I fed him which was about 10 more then the nurse got him to do. He was pretty tired today so I just held him and watched him.
October 30, 2005
Photo Gallery
Greg got to hold Greyson for the first time since he was born. He also was able to bottle feed him. Poor guy was using a nipple without a hole in it for 15 minutes and didn't realize it. I don't know who was more irritated Greg or Greyson! Greyson still managed to down 25 cc's of milk so imagine how he'd have done with a real nipple. Dr's Hudson and Marr stopped by to check on things while we were there. Can you believe two specialty doctors (urologists) stopped to visit on a Sunday!
October 31, 2005
Happy Halloween
Photo Gallery

Greyson got his casts off today! He weighs in at 8 lbs 15 oz and is moving his pudgy little legs just fine. His skin is pealing but other then that there don't seem to be any issues with having the casts. He was supposed to come home today but developed a bacterial infection in his urine sample so that was put on hold. This is a common occurance for babies in the hospital and he most likely got it through the belly button tube that goes to his bladder. After consulting with the Infectious Disease doctor at the Center for Disease Control who said he didn't think Greyson needed treatment since he doesn't show signs of being sick it was decided to go ahead and give him IV anti-biotics tonight. Tomorrow they will inject dye into his kidneys and bladder to see if they are healed from his surgery. If they are then his bladder tube will come out. Yeah! Then he will get a 2nd round of anti-biotics tomorrow night and go home Wed. Dr. Hudson wants to be aggresive just to make sure Greyson comes home safe and healthy. I certainly appreciate that and am thankful he thinks that way, but the Mom in me was totally disappointed to not take her baby home today. I finally lost it at the NICU and cried on the nurses shoulders. Guess even Mom's can't be stoic all the time. The advantage to all of this is that he will come home without the bladder tube. If by some chance he isn't healed then it will be 7-10 days of anti-biotics through the IV before he can come home.

Now the fun stuff. Dorene gave him a major scrub down after the casts came off. His hair got washed too. Greyson was not impressed with all the cleaning and throw a fit. Then I got there with his pumpkin costume and we changed his clothes. He threw another fit, but at least looked really cute doing it. We did the photo opp thing and several nurses came over to check him out. He is a popular guy at the NICU.

November 1, 2005
Greyson goes home!!!!!

I was in the car on the way to Portland talking to Greg on the cell phone when the hospital called him and said we could take Greyson home today. So I turned around and went back home. I had to get the going home bag and Greg. Of course we were expecting this to happen on Wed so we weren't prepared for the sudden change. Greg had to run to Albany to return a limo and get another car. I was finishing up the last couple of things around the house.

We got to the NICU at 5pm in time for Greg to finish feeding Greyson. Christopher and Maria joined us so Christopher could take the official "Bust the Kid out of Jail" pictures. I got to changed Greyson's diaper and outfit. He threw a huge fit over that as he always does. The boy doesn't like to be naked. We figured out how to put him in the carseat, gathered all the bags of stuff Greyson was sent home with and off we went. It took both of us to figure out the carseat base since the lady that was supposed to come out and show us and check it wasn't there. It ain't rocket sceince but it's darned close! I sat in the back with Greyson and home we went.

Greg and I looked at each other and agreed that we couldn't believe they let us leave with this poor defensless child. Are they crazy??

Greyson came home with his feeding tube, Tylenol and some anti-biotics. His test came out great so they took out his bladder tube in the afternoon. Everyone thinks he is doing just fine and didn't need to be in the NICU anymore. We go back to see the urologist and orthpedist in 2 weeks and our pediatritian in a week. And Greyson didn't inherit cataracts like his Mom and Grandma Lana....woohoo!

We also learned that our friends the Johnson's had their little boy on Halloween. We consider these babies to be cousin's through ballooning and can't wait for them to meet. Congrats to Nic and Krysti!

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