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Greyson Robert Schiedler Born: October 4th, 2005 @ 7:46Pm 7lbs 10&1/4 oz 20" long

What's new with Greyson....

Greyson made it to 4 years old. There were times that I wasn't sure he'd live to see 4. :-) We had a big party here at home and then another one when we went to OR. The boy made out! We had about 13 kids running through our house along with all the parents. We did a taco bar with adult and non-adult beverges. It was a small version of our Christmas parties.

The summer was mild so Greyson had lots of fun outside blosing bubbles and trying to learn to ride his bike. He has a hard time with his right foot being so far turned out. When the misquitoes showed up he and I became but bait. Christian and Greg didn't have as much of a problem. Guess we know who the sweet ones in the family are.

Greyson has almost the whole ABC song down. He's getting better with his numbers and letters. The kid is smart, but gets distracted easily. He knows more colors then most kids his age. And like his mother, talks up a storm.

We went to Seattle Oct 6th to Childrens Hospital to meet with Dr Grady, the urology surgeon. He is the #2 guy in the country for Bladder Exstrophy. After some tests we were told that Greyson's bladder is 1/3 of the size it should be. This wasn't a surprise as it is common in BE kids. Dr Grady said that the bladder neck was doing what it should and there was urine reflux on the left side. (I saw that on the monitor during the test) What he wants to do is peal the muscles and scar tissue off the bladder and hopefully this will make is bladder pop up like a Jiffy Popcorn bag. Then they will take some of his intestine, strip away the mucous membrane and put it over the bladder using the muscle tissue only. This should solve the problem. While they are in there they will do some cosmetic stuff to the boy parts too. The surgery is an all day thing with a week long hospital stay. We will then spend another 2-3 weeks there for follow up. The plan is to do this next summer. All of this was good news and better then what we thought might happen.

On the 7th we went to the orthopedist for his foot problem. Turns out his hips are doing well as he is growing, but they do want to monitor them every 6-12 months. The foot being turned out is from his shin bone not being straight. We will wait until he is about 7 before we look at doing anything about it. Kids naturally will toe in or out at until that age so the doctor wants to see what happens. Greg and I have seen it getting worse so hopefully maybe it will go the other way some. If we end up needing to do surgery then they will cut the shin bone, turn it where it needs to be asnd cast him for 6 weeks. At least we don't have to worry about it for awhile.

We are still working on the ADHD. The doctor wants to try switching meds to see if it helps. We are still working on the behavior side of things. Some days are easier then others. My asst., Suzanne, who lives next door has gotten to see first hand some of what we deal with. Of course day care does too. It helps that others understand what we are dealing with. He is getting better at understanding things, but he now picks what he wants to listen too. It is frustrating when he tells me no when I ask him to do something then walks away. I know some of it is just the age, but jeez!

All in all the move has been good for him. He likes living here and loves the snow. He also was very facinated with my boss's boat. Apparently I'm supposed to buy on. Oh and a 4-wheeler and a snow machine. Boys and their toys!

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