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Christian Lowell Schiedler Born: 10 July 2008 2:37Am 7 Lbs 1 Oz 19.5 Inches

Whats new with Christian....

It is so hard to believe that we have lived here almost a year. We're getting ready for our first Halloween. This will include snow boots and parka's if the kids go door to door. Yesterday was the carnival for kids 8 and under. Greyson played most of the games and won all sorts of silly little toys. Guessn the school doesn't believe in filling the kids up on sugar.

Christian as you can see is going to be a skunk on Halloween. One of his nicknames is Sir Poops Alot and that goes along with the stinkls alot. I think he's a darned cute skunk.

He started walking at 13 months. And he runs like crazy now. There is no stopping this kid! Even as chunky as he is (about 27-28 pounds) he's quick. We've had to put baby locks on the cabinets, because he was getting into too many things. We left the tupperware and pots & pans open so he still plays with those.

Christian loves to cuddle. I pick him up and he snuggles into my shoulder. I love it! He flirts with anyone who pays attention to him. Those big blue eyes and sweet grin charm everyone who sees him. The natives just love tol talk to him and touch him. There aren't too many of us here with blonde hair and blue eyes that come by it naturally.

If it makes music, is soft & cuddlely or can go in the mouth, Christian plays with it. He loves Lego's just like Greyson. And he still eats anything you set in front of him. Thank goodness for the easy to feed child!

I think Christian really wants to talk. He babbles all the time. He says mama and dada. He's said baby, but I'm not sure if he knows what he is saying. He waves hello and good bye. The boy is smart and knows what is going on around him even if he does sound like he is speaking Martian.

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