Greyson Robert Schiedler's Birthday.
10-04-2005 @ 7:46Pm 7# 10 1/4Oz 20"

Preping Greyson for his trip to OHSU (98kb) Jen gets to see Greyson before he leaves the Silverton Hospital (116kb)   (88kb) Checking in @ Noon (121kb) Jen's day nurse Becky (65kb)
Sitll on the phone. (135kb) Our Photographer and Video operator Mr. Chrostopher Locatell (84kb) Trying to comfort Jen while she is in heavy labor. (112kb) Getting ready to Push! (76kb) Dr Dalisky has arrived! (82kb)
Dad gets to cut the cord. (59kb) Our new bundle or joy. (58kb) Proud father. (67kb) Dr. Dalisky and the newly expanded Schiedler Family. (82kb) A candid photo I took with my cell phone.  Jen like this shot.  Her mother is on the Left and Sister on the Right. (9kb)
Jen, Greyson, Mon and Sister looking on. (10kb) Greyson Rober Schiedler (8kb)   (8kb) Can I take a nap now. (8kb) Leave me alone I want to take a cat nap. (8kb)
Blurry Pix from cell phone (5kb)