Greyson's Gallery 10-09-2006

Al, Becky & Lori on our way to the first winery. (108kb) Huh? Wine what wine?.....Debi and Tracy (71kb) Debi & Tracy the Fred and Ethel to our Lucy and Ricky. (80kb) Bethall Hills Winery (131kb) 100_1884.jpg (123kb)
100_1885.jpg (120kb) More Bethal Hills (121kb) Becky and Al, Greyson's adopted grandparents. Becky caes for Greyson during the day. (91kb) The whole crazy group. Al, Becky, Greg, Jennifer, Tracy, Debi, Lori, Tim, Travis (119kb) One more time from the other direction. (110kb)
Greg obviously had too much wine. He's wearing Lori's shoes and she has on his boots. Kind of creepy. (110kb) On our way to dinner as a wine chaser. (94kb) More wine please and give me back my shoes. (102kb)