Ballooning 2007

Its early and cold. (144kb) Inflate not blow up the balloon. (126kb) Almost ready to add heat. (107kb) Wow! (188kb) Who me? (142kb)
Pick up that cup? (183kb) Oh college days (189kb) You are now an auronaut. (174kb) Yay! (179kb) Fell asleep with banana in the mouth. (89kb)
Banana yuck on my shirt (123kb) Grasshopper (51kb) 100_3054.jpg (52kb) 100_3055.jpg (51kb) Lots o first flight survivors. (178kb)
This is Greg's cousin and kids and Dustin out book keeper. (185kb) You can tell who the drinker is. (162kb) No spillage. (182kb) 100_3061.jpg (183kb)