Alaska Gallery 05-19-2007

On our way to Victoria (73kb) 100_2550.jpg (76kb) It was rough seas this morning (95kb) Coming into port (98kb) 100_2553.jpg (89kb)
100_2554.jpg (85kb) 100_2555.jpg (81kb) Cargo (84kb) 100_2557.jpg (116kb) 100_2558.jpg (75kb)
100_2559.jpg (69kb) 100_2560.jpg (56kb) We back into port (118kb) 100_2562.jpg (121kb) 100_2563.jpg (132kb)
Lots of boat people. And crew running to call home. (174kb) 100_2565.jpg (122kb) 100_2566.jpg (123kb) Mom and John walking to town with us. (136kb) 100_2568.jpg (73kb)
100_2569.jpg (121kb) 100_2570.jpg (117kb) 100_2571.jpg (169kb) The Empress Hotel (193kb) It was chilly but nice standing in front of the Parliment Building. (169kb)
100_2574.jpg (104kb) 100_2575.jpg (124kb) 100_2576.jpg (163kb) 100_2577.jpg (131kb) The back of our ship. We ate ate the cafe back here alot (94kb)
100_2579.jpg (98kb) 100_2580.jpg (91kb) 100_2581.jpg (98kb) 100_2582.jpg (89kb) Trying to get night pics of town (31kb)
100_2586.jpg (49kb) The Crystal Atrium had crystal iceciles hanging from the ceiling (155kb) 100_2588.jpg (170kb) 100_2589.jpg (35kb)