Alaska Gallry 05-18-2007

Kechikan (117kb) 100_2500.jpg (141kb) Port (201kb) Looking into the town (170kb) 100_2503.jpg (228kb)
100_2504.jpg (148kb) 100_2505.jpg (130kb) This little river runs threw town and under some of the homes (226kb) 100_2507.jpg (214kb) 100_2508.jpg (251kb)
Dollys House. She ran her own brothel with a money goal of  a day. (171kb) Men made an average of  a day and her tricks were  (202kb) 100_2511.jpg (221kb) 100_2512.jpg (200kb) Eagel that was about 2 years old and doesn't have her white neck yet. (212kb)
100_2514.jpg (198kb) 100_2515.jpg (190kb) 100_2516.jpg (184kb) 100_2517.jpg (179kb) 100_2518.jpg (204kb)
100_2519.jpg (226kb) 100_2521.jpg (218kb) 100_2522.jpg (227kb) 100_2523.jpg (206kb) One of many totem poles we saw (100kb)
100_2525.jpg (107kb) 100_2526.jpg (242kb) 100_2527.jpg (110kb) 100_2528.jpg (88kb) 100_2529.jpg (88kb)
We were tendered in on boats that held 90 people. (162kb) Blurry picture of 2 eagels flying (52kb) 100_2532.jpg (164kb) Tender boat (198kb) Daen and fmaily waiting in line behinde us (126kb)
100_2537.jpg (185kb) 100_2538.jpg (166kb) 100_2539.jpg (136kb) Looking down from our balcony.  (151kb) 100_2541.jpg (162kb)
100_2542.jpg (94kb) 100_2543.jpg (103kb) 100_2544.jpg (88kb) 100_2545.jpg (97kb) 100_2546.jpg (63kb)
100_2547.jpg (77kb) Tonights critter (56kb)