Alaska Gallery 5-16-2007

Port of Ketchikan (144kb) We ran into some of the same ships as yesterday (156kb) Looking out our balcony (110kb) Walking into town (166kb) Looks like the vallet got us the best parking spot (121kb)
100_2233.jpg (138kb) Downtown Ketchikan....home of 38 jewelry stores (122kb) The visiters center and a great place to go potty (191kb) 100_2236.jpg (108kb) Look at all the boat people (129kb)
Sorry Bette can't afford this one either (103kb) 100_2239.jpg (106kb) Our ship is right at the end of the street (96kb) Some of the ladies from the Red Onion Salloon and Brothel (139kb) The Red Onion (108kb)
Inttersting wall decor (93kb) Dawn and Greg dual cameras (78kb) 100_2245.jpg (101kb) Arron looking concerned not because his wife is there but his son... (80kb) But he's having fun (102kb)
Greg didn't want to be left out (100kb) The Madam Sandwhich (118kb) Should have deleted that one (42kb) This gal can sing and isn't bad to look at either (105kb) Just waiting for a John....Arron, Greg, tom..... (55kb)
100_2253.jpg (74kb) 100_2254.jpg (95kb) 100_2255.jpg (92kb) Come on up darlings.... (92kb) Snow plow railroad style (167kb)
100_2258.jpg (160kb) 100_2259.jpg (158kb) 100_2260.jpg (199kb) 100_2261.jpg (189kb) Heading back (114kb)
She is a huge ship (102kb) 100_2264.jpg (108kb) Tonights critter (68kb)