Alaska Gallery 5-15-2007

Coming into Juneau (59kb) Juneau (69kb) Looking down the inlet (60kb) The Star is in dock with Princess and Holland America. (85kb) Waiting our turn. (73kb)
Water fall. (158kb) The only other way into town. (62kb) 100_2150.jpg (82kb) When the Star leaves we slide into her space. (89kb) 100_2152.jpg (95kb)
100_2153.jpg (108kb) 100_2156.jpg (160kb) Port (159kb) The Star (152kb) 100_2160.jpg (164kb)
Lisa hanging out (122kb) 100_2162.jpg (125kb) Hunter and the rest of waiting to get off the ship. (61kb) On the bus to town. (113kb) Mt Roberts Tram (148kb)
Lots of shuttles and people milling around. (84kb) 100_2167.jpg (196kb) Looking back at our ship from Douglas Island. (152kb) 100_2169.jpg (116kb) 100_2170.jpg (133kb)
100_2171.jpg (184kb) 100_2172.jpg (120kb) 100_2173.jpg (138kb) Notice the guy to the right he wouldn't get out of the picture. (172kb) Jen got pushy and we got our picture (184kb)
Mendenhall Glacier (128kb) 100_2177.jpg (121kb) Looking out from the visiters center (156kb) 100_2179.jpg (103kb) 100_2180.jpg (110kb)
Lots of trails to hike (128kb) 100_2182.jpg (155kb) 100_2183.jpg (111kb) This is the only drive up glacier. The rest you have to be at sea to visit (124kb) 100_2185.jpg (99kb)
People kayak here. Crazy! (118kb) 100_2187.jpg (106kb) 100_2188.jpg (138kb) 100_2189.jpg (151kb) Arron, Dawn, Barbara, Hunter and Jen...Greg is taking the pic (173kb)
100_2191.jpg (92kb) It really is blue. (141kb) The visiters center (211kb) 100_2194.jpg (131kb) 100_2196.jpg (163kb)
100_2197.jpg (110kb) Mama bear and 2 cubs scared up a tree by a goat. (160kb) They looks so far away (218kb) But cute. (215kb) 100_2202.jpg (91kb)
Notice the ripples. Someone was water skiing. No way! (83kb) 100_2204.jpg (109kb) This church was built in th 1950's and is made of 158 Spruce trees. (169kb) What a neat place to get married. (153kb) And an awesome view of the Glacier. (59kb)
100_2213.jpg (131kb) 100_2214.jpg (98kb) Church parking lot. (76kb) Greg took this out of the moving bus window. (98kb) 100_2217.jpg (84kb)
100_2219.jpg (124kb) Who gave Barbara the lemon? (115kb) Having lunch in the Red Dog. (133kb) Juneau (139kb) 1 Outlaws looking for a good time. (149kb)
No Bette you can't have this bear...too expensive to ship (122kb) Back to the ship. (120kb) 100_2227.jpg (121kb)