May 13 2007

Cabin Potty (116kb) Sink in potty (159kb) Shower. The whole thing was kind of like an rv but we never ran out of hot water (114kb) Greg finishing some work while I unpack (188kb) Seattle dock (157kb)
Seattle skyline (142kb) 100_2082.jpg (246kb) Space Needle (112kb) Dawn and Jen getting Bahama Mama drinks by the pool still in port (203kb) More Seattle (199kb)
Just starting to leave port (119kb) Upper deck looking back (105kb) Seattle sound (86kb) 100_2092.jpg (115kb) Upper deck (133kb)
Leaving Seattle (123kb) More skyline (129kb) still more (117kb) Space Needle (99kb) Pulling out of port (129kb)
100_2099.jpg (102kb) Dawn and Jen doing the Macarena (214kb) More Macarena....bring us more booze! (211kb) Pilot Boat picking up pilot from our boat just below our cabin (219kb) More boat (187kb)
It comes along side our ship and the guy jumps on (216kb) Sunset  (40kb)